Netflix changing its price!?!

Netflix changing its price!?!

Netflix changing its price!?!

Yup you heard right Netflix will be upping the prices for both of it’s Subscriptions.

This comes now because Netflix is trying to be more edgy with it’s content. In the beginning of the year Netflix representatives said that they want to cancel more shows, because the more shows you cancel the more risks you are taking with your content. This holds true because many of Netflix’s recent successes have come from shows and movies that other stations and networks wouldn’t of taken a second look at.

Also it has recently been released that Netflix is in the process of buying movie rights from studios for movies that been held up for years.

With that said it should justify the price increase which isn’t much at all. Customers who are currently paying $9.99 will have their monthly subscription cost upped to $10.99 and customers who pay for 4K contents will have their price raised from $11.99 to $13.99. And lastly Netflix’s basic subscriptions which is $7.99/month will be unchanged.

Not a bad price to pay for the possibility of better programming with more Variety!


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