New Year, New NASA Discoveries

New Year, New NASA Discoveries

New Year, New NASA Discoveries

NASA has been doing some cool stuff in 2018. First they land a Rover on Mars, launched a new satalite named Tess to find new planets  journey, and landed a space probe named OSIRIS-REx on an astroid that is grabbing samples and returning to Earth.

Continuing their trend, they are starting 2019 with a speedy flyby. But hopefully not a bang.

On January 1st, 2019 NASA will be flying by an ice rock unofficially named Ultima Thule. NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft has flown past Pluto into the Kuiper Belt Object, the outer most regions of out dollar system, and will be sending back photos of an ice asteroid officially named 2014 MU69.

This will be the first time a space craft has gotten this close to an object that exists past Pluto.

Maybe the most interesting aspect of Ultima Thule is that it isn’t behaving like scientists expect – there is something odd about the rock. Ultima Thule does not reflect light like they expect. This might not so seem significant, but this is boggling the smartest minds As the probe flies by, questions will hopefully be answered and maybe even new discoveries will be made.

On January 1, 2019 start the new year with see new resolutions and some new galactic discoveries. Follow live here:

Here is an image of Ultima Thule briefly blocking the light of a star as it passes by.


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