Pass the Swear Jar

Pass the Swear Jar

Pass the Swear Jar

If you’re like me and swear like a sailor when provoked you may want to avoid the town of Rochdale in England as they’re currently looking at passing a law that’d make swearing in public illegal.


The town council has introduced a public spaces protection order that would subject anyone caught “using foul and abusive language” to a warning, fine or removal from the area. Depending on the person this could be quite a tax if you’re not careful. I think I’d most likely have to pay them back just to live there. Thankfully here in the USA it would seem our right to be a little salty from time to time is well protected as free speech and for my wallet I hope it stays that way. But you have to ask yourself if this were to become law how long could you make it without having to pay?



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