Sad News for Bachelor-Nation! No!!

Sad News for Bachelor-Nation! No!!

Sad News for Bachelor-Nation! No!!

I hate to report this, but the most recent Bachelor Chris Soules aka Prince Farming and his then-fiancé Whitney Bischoff are calling it quits!

But, why????

The quote circulating around from their rep says:

“They part with nothing but respect and admiration for one another, and will continue to be supportive friends. They wish to thank everyone who has supported them through this journey.”

I guess it sort of makes sense if you watched last season. It was down to Whitney and Becca as the final two. You could tell that he was more in to Becca, but Whitney was all in and Becca was not. Becca actually wanted to take it slow to figure out if they were vibing and also see if she would be willing to move all the way to Iowa and live on a farm with him. He seemed to be on the fence the WHOLE episode, but eventually chose Whitney to be is wife.

I wonder if he’ll go back to Becca? Fingers crossed! She was great!

Apparently Chris and Whitney are still on good terms because they were spotted having dinner together in Chicago yesterday. Interesting.

Here’s a stat for you: Out of the 19 couples on “The Bachelor,” only one of the couples are still together. The Bachelorette has had more luck. Out of all The Bachelorette couples, 10 are currently married.

The current season of the Bachelorette with Kaitlyn Bristowe is on Mondays at 9pm on ABC.


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