Snapchat’s New Update Is Almost Too Creepy!

Snapchat’s New Update Is Almost Too Creepy!

Snapchat’s New Update Is Almost Too Creepy!

Snapchat is constantly updating and giving us so many cool ways to communicate with our friends! This new update now allows you to see your friends exact locations! How wild is that??

Of course with every new update Twitter goes crazy.

But maybe this update is just a bit too accurate.

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I mean is Snapchat even allowed to get this personal with their users????? This is so accurate!

image2 (1)

Like, scary accurate…Hey Angela

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This is definitely a new feature that should be a red flag to parents! Make sure you’re checking out your kids Snapchat so that they can be safe this Summer!  If you aren’t too crazy about people knowing you’re EXACT location you can enter ghost mode! That means you can view others but they cannot view you! Still a bit creepy!

So if you choose to share your location or enter Ghost Mode we can all agree on one thing, nobody is safe anymore. Snapchat is out here exposing everyone’s actions and having fun while doing it! This feature will also show your friends Bitmoji’s in a car if they happen to be driving somewhere! Maybe they’ve been off Snapchat for too long. That’s okay, their Bitmoji will just appear to be sleeping. Or maybe they actually are sleeping? Is Snapchat now able to watch what we are doing? Hmm. Makes you wonder how advanced technology is becoming.


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