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There are 5 Game of Thrones Spin-offs in the works!!! (Minor Spoilers)

Yup that is right 5 Game of Thrones spin-offs are currently in development!! With Season 7 quickly approaching and Season 8 coming in 2018 or possibly 2019 many fans thought that they would have nothing to look forward to after that but they are thankfully wrong. George R.R. Martin is working on 5 scripts for […]

The Ten Best Ice Cream Flavors in America! Did Yours Make the List?

I’m the type of person who can eat ice cream year round. I don’t need it to be warm outside to enjoy several scoops of my favorite ice cream with hot fudge, sprinkles, maybe some cookie crumbles… I could go on. The site Ranker decided to do a survey with 5,000 people on what ice cream flavor […]

Netflix is going to let you choose how stories end!!!

Yes that’s right Netflix is going to offer a choose your own adventure style show on its streaming service and I didn’t know this is what I wanted till right now. Just like the old books where you get to make some of the decisions for the hero of the story, Netflix will start offering […]

Some crazy Harry Potter stats in honor of the 20th anniversary

So Harry Potter, twenty years old already! Well, that will make you feel old! Harry Potter…. I mean really… What’s the big deal right?  Is this book/film series even popular?! Haha!  Well Facebook seems to think the franchise is worth celebrating… They’ve created a magical FB Easter Egg for this anniversary… Read more here: Instagram […]

Things Are Melting in Arizona Because It’s so HOT [Pictures]

I don't know if you've been keeping up with the temperatures out west, but they are INSANE. We complain when it hits 90 degrees, but could you imagine if it was 119 DEGREES!? Because that's what folks in Arizona are dealing with right now. It's gotten to a point where things are MELTING. Check out [...]