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New Music Videos from P!nk and Post Malone [WATCH]

Fridays are the best for new music and it’s an extra good awesome when an artist drops a music video. Yeahhhh!! We have two for you today. P!nk – “Walk Me Home”   Post Malone – “Wow.” Fun fact – the guy dancing at the end of Post Malone’s video was a random guy that […]

La-Z-Boy with McFlurry’s?

This sounds like a dream come true... it sounds like it's TOO good to be true. Imagine chilling on your La-Z-Boy and all of sudden you start craving a sweet treat. You obviously don't want to get up from the comfort that is your La-Z-Boy... so what do you do? Looks like both La-Z-Boy and McDonald's solved [...]

You Spend Five Years of Your Life Feeling Bored

You Spend Five Years of Your Life Feeling Bored — What?! That’s insane to think about, but when you add up all those little seconds and minutes… stuck in traffic…. waiting for the internet…. It adds up! So what on average bores us the most?!  1.  Calling a company and having to wait on hold. […]