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Season Finale of Dancing With The Stars Surprises Many People!

What a surprising ending to season 24 of Dancing with the Stars. We definitely had a couple surprise eliminations this season. CLICK HERE to view my blog post about two of them. Yet another surprising elimination happened last night on the season finale. The final three standing were Fifth Harmony member, Normani Kordei; former MLB catcher, [...]

This Week in Weird Foods

I have an obsession with food. I know we need food to live, but why not have fun with it if we need it to fuel our body anyway? After searching the internet, here is what I found this week: Pop-Tarts with Jolly Rancher Filling There really is no explanation for this because it’s pretty […]

The “Romphim”, please don’t buy this for your guy!

The “Romphim” is the latest fashion trend to hit the internet and if the $119 price tag doesn’t keep you away hopefully I can convince you to not buy one on these for your boyfriend. Women have been the only sex to wear these for so long for a reason, the onesie does not agree […]