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Maleficent: Mistress of Evil Teaser [WATCH]

I should have been paying more attention yesterday during The Bachelorette season premiere because I didn’t realize a new Maleficent trailer was dropping! If you’re a fan of the first one with Angelina Jole, well good news… she’s back. The story continues a few years after where the first movie ends. So it’s a continuation! Check it out: […]

Chuck-E-Cheese inspired water

In order to keep the water drinkable in this one area in California, a bunch of balls were placed in this Reservoir. Plastic Balls. Kinda like a Chuck-E-Cheese or Mcdonald’s ball pit. Below the top layer of balls is just normal water that is used for drinking, showers, and watering your lawn. Would you drink […]

Zayn Malik gives “A Whole New World” from Aladdin a face-lift [video]

What?!?! As if the excitement of the new Aladdin weren’t enough?! Zayn Malik and Zhavia Ward have just created an awesome new version of A Whole New World! What do you think of the new version?! Comment below. Also, see the latest clips from the upcoming film here:

New Jonas Brothers Documentary Teaser for “Chasing Happiness” [WATCH]

The Jonas Brothers are taking the world by storm! They’re all now happily married, they got back together as a group, released new music, going on tour… and now they have a documentary coming out! It’s called “Chasing Happiness,” and it pretty much focuses on their life up until this point. Check out the teaser: […]