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Watch Mel B Throw Water on Simon Cowell Then WALK OUT [Video]

It got REAL last night on America’s Got Talent! During one of the performances, an escape act went wrong. There were some technical difficulties during the act. After it was finished, the judges weighed in on what they thought of the performance, like they normally do. Simon may have taken it a little too far… […]

What is going on with T Swift?!?!

On Friday Taylor Swift did something that only means a big announcement is coming. She completely blacked out her social media accounts for the entire weekend. Arguably giving her far more attention than if she teased an announcement. With fans going crazy with anticipation of what Taylor was up to they were only met with […]

Britney Spears Sings Live? [Video]

One of Britney Spears' biggest critiques has to be the fact she lips syncs... A LOT. Now, I'm not hating. Shes's a great performer. She kills it. But it still rubs people the wrong way. Some people even say that they don't even know what her actual live voice sounds like. In case you were [...]

A Dog Really Is A Mans Best Friend

Judge Judy has always been known to have some crazy episodes and guests (Amy Schumer) sitting in her courtroom. Well in the craziest episode I have witnessed she let a dog loose in the court. She used this as a test to find out who the owner of the dog truly was. After being released […]