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New and Upcoming Music Label in State College

With so many people coming through State College on a regular basis it’s hard to not stumble upon talent. And with that being said it is really strange that there has not been a major business grabbing the young talent in this town and preparing them for bigger things. At least it was strange till […]

Guess Who’s Coming Back To “The Voice” [Video]

One thing that I like about “The Voice” is the fact that they like to switch up their judges from season to season. I mean, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton are the OGs and will probably be around for a while, but the other two slots are usually up in the air every season. This […]

What Does The Hamburger Helper Glove ACTUALLY Look Like Underneath? [Picture]

This is so random, but I feel like this is information I needed to know. Someone was bored... or drunk... over the weekend and decided to tweet and ask Hamburger Helper what is ACTUALLY under the iconic Hamburger Helper glove... and they responded! If I must— Helper (@helper) October 16, 2017 Again... random, but [...]