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You Can Look Forward to These New Peeps Flavors Just in Time for Easter!

I’m guessing Peeps needed to spice up their flavors because they’re coming at us with EIGHT new flavors. 1. Sour cherry 2. Neapolitan 3. Lemon sherbet dipped in fudge 4. Orange sherbet dipped in fudge 5. Pancakes and syrup 6. And three mystery flavors The difference between all of them is that they’re available in […]


It is sooooo nice out today in State College that drinking beer and eating ice cream dont count towards your calorie count today!! Just thought I’d let you know. 😛

Natalia Dyer From “Stranger Things” is in a Music Video! [Video]

As a little bit of a refresher, this is Natalia Dyer: She portrays the character, “Nancy” in both Stranger Things seasons! (Can’t wait until season 3 btw). And now she’s going from Netflix actress to music video actress! Check her out in James Bay‘s newest music video, Wild Love. This isn’t the first time a […]

Fergie’s Last Performance?

You probably have already heard about Fergie's performance at the NBA All Star Game last night but it is one of those times where to understand just how bad it was you have to see it. Check it out and then let me know what you think of it in the comments below :)

Check Out “Tomb Raider” Barbie! [Picture]

The "Tomb Raider" reboot will be out mid-March and Mattel is already prepping for the release! Alicia Vikander will be staring as Lara Croft in the film, and along with the starring role, she is getting a Barbie Doll based off her character! Mattel unveils #TombRaider Barbie!https://t.co/eiLSWhfLZS pic.twitter.com/zX3x44LXdh— IGN (@IGN) February 18, 2018 You can scoop [...]