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New “Jungle Book” Movie Alert!! [Video]

Confession… I still haven’t seen the live action Jungle Book movie that came out in 2016. I heard AMAZING things about it, but still haven’t seen it. I mean, I loved the animation, so I should probably put that on my priority list. If you did see the first live-action “Jungle Book” and liked it, then […]

Who was your favorite performance at BMA’s last night?

The list of performers last night was staggering. Every artist came to perform the best they could with millions watching. So who was your favorite? Let us know below!! Performers: Kelly Clarkson (also hosting) Salt-N-Pepa featuring En Vogue Dua Lipa Jennifer Lopez John Legend Macklemore & Kesha Ariana Grande Zedd, Maren Morris and Grey Khalid […]

New Music Debuted at the Billboard Music Awards [Video]

Hey, guess who forgot the Billboard Awards were last night? This girl. But as soon as I remembered, I turned that ish on and enjoyed the show. I’m glad I remembered or else I would have missed this NEW gem! Camila Cabello started her performance of the night singing her hit song “Havana,” but then […]

How much will the Royal Wedding Cost?

One of the Biggest events of the Year is happening tomorrow!! The Royal Wedding will take place at 7am eastern time tomorrow and with Weddings being one of the most expensive things a person will spend money on in their lifetime how much does a Royal one cost? Well the Average Wedding in America is […]