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Snapchat’s New Update Is Almost Too Creepy!

Snapchat is constantly updating and giving us so many cool ways to communicate with our friends! This new update now allows you to see your friends exact locations! How wild is that?? Of course with every new update Twitter goes crazy. Now that friend you purposely didn't invite out can find your location and who […]

New Bed Comforter Will Halt Fights All Over The World

One of the top fights couples have originates in the bedroom. No, I’m not talking about THAT. I’m talking about the type of comforter you have on your bed! One person may want a warm down comforter, while the other person only wants a top sheet! How will we ever solve this dilemma? A comforter […]

Are These Words Outdated?

I know I’m not THAT old, so I don’t understand how words I used growing up are now outdated? Say it ain’t so! posted a list of “outdated” words that people should stop using because they’re “uncool” Check out some of the list here: 1. “Totally.” Like I understand that this could make you sound […]

Movies for the kids this summer!

So the website Into Film, put together a list of 50 movies that kids really should see before they’re 11.   I’m not sure why 11 is the age they chose for the list, especially since many of these are great watches for adults too, but check it out…. If you’re looking for something fun […]

This Week in Food: Nacho Donuts and Lucky Charms Milkshake

Back at it again to share the weirdest and best foods we are being blessed with haha So, do you know the actor Danny Trejo? He was in Machete, Heat, and the Spy Kids movies? This guy: Photo Credit: Tina Gill / PR Photos Well anyway, he has his own café where he sells NACHO [...]