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Memorial Day Facts To Tell At Your Parties This Weekend!

Do you know where the first Memorial Day celebrations started? Do you know how many veterans have served war time? How about the amount of cooking-related fires this weekend? I’m here to tell you about a few facts for this weekend’s Memorial Day! Check them out:   1. 25 cities around the country CLAIM to […]

This Week in Weird Food and Drink!!

Another week... another batch of weird and different food items being brought into our lives. 1. Dunkin' Donuts Yes, they have doughnuts of course, but they also have COFFEE. Every semester, there's always that one B-Tern that rolls up with their favorite Dunkin' coffee. Without fail. Well,  now you can enjoy a new flavor for [...]

Want two scoops? Can’t be the same!

When you think or marriage inequality, you don’t often think of ice cream. But Ben and Jerry’s in Australia is bringing Ice Cream to the discussion. Marriage inequality around the globe is still a pretty big issue. While it may be legal in the US, the rest of the world is still fighting for equality. […]

Season Finale of Dancing With The Stars Surprises Many People!

What a surprising ending to season 24 of Dancing with the Stars. We definitely had a couple surprise eliminations this season. CLICK HERE to view my blog post about two of them. Yet another surprising elimination happened last night on the season finale. The final three standing were Fifth Harmony member, Normani Kordei; former MLB catcher, [...]