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Pete Davidson Finally Confirms His Engagement to Ariana Grande [Video]

It’s been about a month since Pete Davidson (SNL) and Ariana Grande started dating. It’s been quite the quick progression, which has been met with some backlash from other celebrities and fans alike. But as long as they’re happy, we should be happy for them? Check out Pete chatting about his engagement on The Tonight […]

A Pizza Box That Is Also a Table?

Best. Invention. Ever. Could you just imagine… the pizza guy shows up and all you have to do is go directly to your bed and sit down without the worry of greasy pants or burning yourself? Please sign me up. Credit: Designbloom The unfortunate part about this is that it’s only available in Canada from […]

New Music From Beyoncé and Jay-Z NOT From Their New Album! [Video]

In case you missed it, Beyoncé and Jay-Z pulled a Beyoncé… what I mean by that is that they dropped an album out of no where on Saturday called “Everything Is Love” on Jay-Z’s streaming service, Tidal. They’re credited as “The Carters” and they’re basically saying: we’re here, we’re back, and we’re slaying! But there is one […]

Could Kim Kardashian Become An Attorney? [Video]

Kim Kardashian has been up to a lot lately. She recently met with President Trump to talk about prison reform, and actually got him to release a woman for a first-offense/non-violent crime. And she is continuing to help others as well. But do you think she should become more involved in politics? Or maybe become an […]

Jared Leto vs. Joaquin Phoenix – Who will be the better Joker?

I think DC Comics maybe going through a bit of an identity crisis in the moment.  Stiff, crushing competition from Marvel, combined with the fact that they’ve just been bombing… Wonder Woman is the only real “success” from DC as on late, and Aquaman (slated to drop in December) is the only DC Comics movie […]