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The best mirrors are black

Well this summer is gonna be a doozy. Not only is Stranger Things coming back, but Jason’s favorite show of all time is back on June 5th. Black Mirror. Three new stories. Miley Cyrus will be staring in an episode! Plus, Anthony Mackie from Avengers is staring in an episode. No one snap. Don’t try to […]

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil Teaser [WATCH]

I should have been paying more attention yesterday during The Bachelorette season premiere because I didn’t realize a new Maleficent trailer was dropping! If you’re a fan of the first one with Angelina Jole, well good news… she’s back. The story continues a few years after where the first movie ends. So it’s a continuation! Check it out: […]

Chuck-E-Cheese inspired water

In order to keep the water drinkable in this one area in California, a bunch of balls were placed in this Reservoir. Plastic Balls. Kinda like a Chuck-E-Cheese or Mcdonald’s ball pit. Below the top layer of balls is just normal water that is used for drinking, showers, and watering your lawn. Would you drink […]