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We are half way through the Week!!!

We are more than halfway through the work week and it's time to celebrate!!! Maybe not with beverages that will leave you feeling terrible tomorrow and unable to perform at your best but with a video that you can turn to when you are counting down the hours till you can go home! This video [...]

This Hairy Belly Fanny Pack is Something Out of Nightmares

I don't know about you, but I ROCKED my fanny pack in the 90s. I wish they were still fashionable because those things could hold anything. Maybe this new style of fanny pack will bring them back in style? What if you could wear a hairy belly fanny pack...? Would that make you want to wear [...]

John Oliver had a Perfect Emmy Speech

  John Oliver is one of my personal favorite late night show hosts, he does a great job on his show Last Week Tonight. He is funny, quick witted, and informative but you could get that from any host with a good team writing for them. The thing that’s different about John Oliver is his […]

These Are The Worst Jeans in the History of Jeans

Finding a perfect-fitting pair of jeans is a hard task. Amiright? You have to make sure they fit around your legs, your butt, your waist, and also make sure the length is okay. Being a short female, it's definitely annoying. And then once you find that perfect pair, you buy that pair in like 10 [...]