The Newest Challenge is the “Target Challenge”

The Newest Challenge is the “Target Challenge”

The Newest Challenge is the “Target Challenge”

Okay, maybe not… but I saw this on social media and I can’t stop laughing.

Also this was super relevant to me since I was literally in Target yesterday shopping for something specific and of course I had to make two pit stops before going to my intended item.

So, the “Target Challenge” is basically going into Target and just purchasing the item you went in for and NOTHING else. Also, I think it’s fair to add that you can’t get distracted by other items for an extended period of time.

Basically I failed yesterday.

I went in for one thing… decor for my apartment. I had ONE section I needed to go in.

Here’s what actually happened:

First I checked out the discount items in the front of the store, second I checked out some of the cute 90s inspired clothing also in the front of the store, third I made a detour to the food aisle…. and THEN I finally made it to the decor.

Not only did I purchase decor, which is what I went in for, but I also bought some food. So I epically failed.

Could you pass this challenge? Also, what is another store you cannot go into without getting more than what you went in for? Comment below!


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