The “Romphim”, please don’t buy this for your guy!

The “Romphim”, please don’t buy this for your guy!

The “Romphim” is the latest fashion trend to hit the internet and if the $119 price tag doesn’t keep you away hopefully I can convince you to not buy one on these for your boyfriend.

  1. Women have been the only sex to wear these for so long for a reason, the onesie does not agree with the male anatomy. Men need more room than women in the lower region but somehow Romphim’s look just as snug as Romper’s. If the Romphim really had enough room these guys would look like baby’s who need to be changed.
  2. ¬†They’re Kickstarter is pretty awful. I like a lot of creativity in the Kickstarters I support, it shows that they care and generally people with a good sense of humor are more humble. Romphim’s Kickstarter lacks both creativity and humor even though they attempt both. The video is awful and the charts look like they were stolen off the internet and modified in Paint.
  3. Romphim’s kickstarter claims they wanted to make something that was not ‘too frat’ however they only offer 4 design options pastel pink and blue, a $190 American Flag version and another that could only be described as the pattern from a bowling alley carpet.
  4. They’re ONE HUNDRED AND NINETY DOLLAR American flag Romphim may not ever get to you by the 4th of July. It’s estimated delivery is July 2017, that gives it 3 days to be shipped to you, 2 of which are Saturday and Sunday. So even if you think this will be a great idea so that you and your boyfriend can wear your matching Romphim and Her to your party that Tuesday it probably won’t even get there on time.

I don’t expect to change everyones mind on the Romphim considering over 2,100 people have already backed it on Kickstarter, but I do hope I stopped a few embarrassing moments on a hot day and given some guys the freedom to stretch as much as they want without having to worry about the downstairs.

Link to Romphim Kickstarter >>


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