The Viper Reveals Itself!

The Viper Reveals Itself!

The Viper Reveals Itself!

Taylor Swift has been leading us all on for the past couple days but today she finally put out! On Friday Taylor had a total Blackout on her Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages and had everyone going nuts. Some were worried because we have seen other celebrities go on hiatus from social media not to be seen for months. Luckily she broke her blackout on Monday but honestly gave us more questions than answers.

Her first post on Monday was a video of a tail of some sort of reptile wriggling around with some old VHS like effects put over top. And that was it, that was her only post on all her sites for the entire day… But more of the picture was revealed on Tuesday and showed us that the image was clearly a snake and social media went wild. Taylor Swift has been called a snake in the past by some of the people she has had beef with, Kanye, Kim Kardashian, and Katy Perry. So the reveal of this snake left only one question, when will she strike?

Taylor didn’t leave us hanging for long as Wednesday she revealed the full snake, a Bush Viper, one of the deadliest in the world. And then came the news we have all been waiting for for almost a year. She revealed the release of her New Album ‘Reputation’ which will be November 10th, but the more exciting news is she will be releasing her first single off this album Tomorrow Night!!! The song is sure to set the tone for the album and I personally hope it reveals the Viper that has been hibernating within her!


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