This Week in Weird Foods

This Week in Weird Foods

This Week in Weird Foods

I have an obsession with food. I know we need food to live, but why not have fun with it if we need it to fuel our body anyway?

After searching the internet, here is what I found this week:

Pop-Tarts with Jolly Rancher Filling

There really is no explanation for this because it’s pretty much what it sounds like! You can get three different flavors: watermelon, green apple, and cherry. They should be out later this month. CLICK HERE to see a picture.


Sandwich with pickle bun?

If you ever find yourself in Fresno, California, then maybe you can enjoy this chicken sandwich with a GIANT pickle as the bun. You can find the sandwich at the Fresno Grizzlies minor league baseball team stadium. No one has said either way if it’s good or bad. Honestly, I substitute lettuce for bread all the time, but I never thought about using a pickle… lol

CLICK HERE to see a picture of it.


And finally… Starbucks

This isn’t really a new item that’s coming to the franchise, rather something that’s being added to their drinks. Starbucks is in talks to start using coffee ice cubes! So basically they put coffee in ice trays, freeze them, and use them in their iced coffee drinks so when they melt… it doesn’t water down the coffee. It’s a *cool* concept, but the problem is that other shops are ALREADY doing this. Just go to the coffee shop in downtown Bellefonte and they are already ahead of the game. Find more info, by CLICKING HERE


How do you feel about these items? Comment below!


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