Ultima Thule First Images and Queen Theme Song

Ultima Thule First Images and Queen Theme Song

Ultima Thule First Images and Queen Theme Song

Last week, we discussed New Horizons and Ultima Thule.

At 12:33am on New Year’s Day, New Horizons flew only 2,200 miles from Ultima Thule’s surface, 1 billion miles past Pluto, in negative 460 degrees Fahrenheit, and speeding at 32,000 MPH.

We not only have the first glimpse of the frozen rock, but we also have a ROCK theme song by Queen.

First, the picture. No, you don’t need your glasses. It is still a little blurry at the moment.

The reason it is blurry?

1. Light takes more than six hours to travel from the satellite to earth.

2  The data speed tops out at 1 kilobit per second. To retrieve all of the imagery stored on the probe is expected to take until September 2020.

Second, the music. Queen rocker Brian May wrote a song to celebrate the occasion.

“This mission is about human curiosity — the need for mankind to go out there and explore what makes the universe tick… I hope it’s worthy of this amazing cause,” May said Monday at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory in Maryland, site of the New Horizons headquarters.


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