What is going on with T Swift?!?!

What is going on with T Swift?!?!

What is going on with T Swift?!?!

On Friday Taylor Swift did something that only means a big announcement is coming. She completely blacked out her social media accounts for the entire weekend. Arguably giving her far more attention than if she teased an announcement. With fans going crazy with anticipation of what Taylor was up to they were only met with more confusion when she posted a 10 second video this morning.

This video itself is making its way around the internet with everyone turning into the Double Rainbow guy asking themselves what does this mean?!?! (reference >> http://bit.ly/1Lc2268, if you have not seen this it is a MUST WATCH!!)

The Video itself is a picture of a reptilian tail wriggling around, and there are many speculations but one is taking over. TAYLOR SWIFT IS COMING OUT WITH A NEW ALBUM!!! This has not been confirmed yet but it does make sense. She has almost religiously come out with a new album every two years but her last one ‘1989’ was released almost 3 years ago…

But why a reptilian tail? Some say it is to the reference to her rivals calling her a snake, and that Taylor is ready to embrace the snake inside her with this next album.

Could Taylor be taking off the gloves and getting ready to strike back? I sure hope so!!!


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