What You Missed on the Late Late Show With James Corden and Harry Styles!!!

What You Missed on the Late Late Show With James Corden and Harry Styles!!!

What You Missed on the Late Late Show With James Corden and Harry Styles!!!

So incase you didn’t know Harry Styles spent the week with James Corden and man did they put on a show! We had three days of laughs, music, and so much Harry Styles. What else could we honestly want?

We started out the week with welcoming Mr. Styles into the studio. Check out this skit.

It didn’t stop there though. Harry opened up about his first performance and how he attempted his first stage dive that didn’t end up going as he planned. He admitted that he’s almost positive he kicked a fan in the face as he fell. Will he ever try it again? The answer is, “No, not unless the mood strikes.” James followed that up with tryin to convince the artist to stage dive into the audience, which did not happen.

Harry, James, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson went on to play a game of Flinch. The object of the game was to not spill the tea you were drinking while a fruit was shot at you at any moment. Aaron didn’t do so well and managed to get the tea all over his forearm. Harry flinched and barely spilled any of his tea. Then of course we have James Corden. Didn’t flinch at all, spill any tea, and followed it up with a, “That’s how it is done comment.” If you want to see it all done check out the video below.

The first night wrapped it up with a special performance of “Sign of the Times.” Rumor has it that Harry Styles started his performance over three times. Of course we only saw one but people at the live taping said he was very picky about how the song was performed.

We have a personal favorite skit over at the studio and we’ll just say it had us crying in laughter. James Corden and Harry Styles might as well pair up and be the worlds favorite duo.

Of course what else is their to do for Harry Styles than joke about the fact that he is now a solo artist? It’s almost given that he had to comment on it. Instead of just a comment he made a segment all about it. The best part about this segment is that towards the end we could all just tell he was itching to show off his juggling skills!

His performance of Carolina was something I did not expect. I was waiting for Sweet Creature since it was the second song released before the rest of the album. But of course, he rocked the stage!

Of course the one thing that I couldn’t forget is none other than James Corden’s famous Carpool Karaoke. This time around they went ahead and named it Carpool Harraoke in honor of our favorite rocker. The two drove around and sang hits from the new album and finished it up with reenacting a scene from Titanic. Not only that, we came to realize that Harry Styles can pull off absolutely any outfit James gave to him. Being in the backseat of that car would have been quite the experience!

The three day celebration ended with a performance that set the bar high. Harry ended the week with Kiwi which is my personal favorite off of the album. Harry rocked all over that stage and in my opinion he was absolutely glowing. A solo career was made for this artist. He had his time in the band and he did well with that. Harry Styles solo career is taking off and he is not stopping for anyone.


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