When Roseanne wins, all TV wins :)

When Roseanne wins, all TV wins :)

When Roseanne wins, all TV wins :)

18.2 Million viewers.  The debut was the highest-rated comedy broadcast since a 2014 premiere episode of CBS’s The Big Bang Theory. Roseanne stands out even among the countless reboots.  Reviewed more favorably than revivals like Fuller House and Twin Peaks. More viewers than the rebooted Will & Grace premiere.  More viewers than the rebooted American Idol premier.

So what does this mean? We might start seeing more reboots of some of our favorite shows from our youth. Could you imagine a reboot of the Fresh Prince? Or maybe Friends? Well here is a list of all the known reboots in the works!

  1. Murphy Brown
  2. Charmed
  3. The Jetsons
  4. Miami Vice
  5. The Munsters
  6. Animaniacs
  7. The L Word
  8. Magnum, P.I.
  9. The Twilight Zone
  10. Lost in Space
  11. The Office

For the details check here.


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