Will 2018 be the 90’s part 3?

Will 2018 be the 90’s part 3?

Will 2018 be the 90’s part 3?

I think most people will agree that 2016 was the 90’s part 2 with all the releases of 90’s cartoons and 90’s references making a comeback and I thought that once we hit 2017 we would never see the 90’s again. But that is obviously not the case.

As of right now there is going to be a Rocko’s Modern Life Reboot that have Rocko dealing with issues of the current day. And as Rocko references, a lot of things have changed since the 90’s. Cellphones are smaller, cars can run on electricity and Global Warming has changed to Climate Change.

Check out the teaser trailer for the Tv Movie that will be released in early 2018 below. I hope that we will see more 90’s cartoon reboots. What would you like to see? Ah Real Monsters, Doug, Rugrats, or maybe Ren and Stimpy, hit me up in the comments below!!


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