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Elon Musk on that Booty

Elon Musk is now for cars. And rockets. And digging tunnels. And at one point flamethrowers. Now, Elon Musk takes his talents to your booty. Recently, Telsa released Tesla Short Shorts. Yes, you read correctly. Short shots with a red satin and gold trim design and the phrase “S3XY” on the booty. Why “S3XY” you […]

Doja Cat Drops Her Music Video for “Like That” [WATCH]

Doja Cat came into 2020 and OWNED it. After releasing her first single Say So, which gained a lot of attention, Doja Cat dropped her follow up track, Like That with Gucci Mane. The music video just came out, take a look! Loooooving the cartoons in the mix. Let us know which Doja Cat track is your […]

Post Malone’s New Wine Sells Out in Two Days

Usually when a celebrities releases their own alcohol; wine, vodka, bourbon... whatever it may be, I don't jump up to go purchase a bottle. Here are my reasons; 1. I already know what brands I like, so I stick to those. 2. The bottles are usually super expensive. 3. Like celebrity perfume, the quality isn't [...]

Alicia Keys Will Be On Nick News Talking About Race

Let's welcome Alicia Keys to Nickelodeon! Unfortunately she isn't going to have a reocurring show (one could wish), but she will be involved in a Nick News special dropping next week on TeenNick, Nicktoons, the Nick app, and YouTube. The topic? Race. Join @aliciakeys for Kids, Race & Unity: A #NickNews special, premiering next Monday at 7/6c— [...]

Goodbye Mixer, Hello Facebook Gaming

Mixer is a streaming platform like Twitch. Or like Facebook Gaming. Jason is partnered with Mixer. Well… he is until July 22, 2020. On that date, Mixer is shutting down. Like going off line for good. Announced as a surprise, Mixer has chosen to partner with Facebook Gaming to help “relocate” current partners. In their […]

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