Okay so this one is just straight up BLOWING MY MIND! Last year we learned that Robert Pattinson is going to play Batman in the upcoming movie The Batman. I know what you’re thinking, how could the dude from the Twilight movies be Batman? I know, I felt the same exact way UNTIL TODAY! My buddy Zach who is a HUGE Batman fan called me up and said “Chew, have you seen the Batman trailer?” I told him simply “Not if Robert Pattinson is still playing Batman.” He told me to just watch the trailer and call him back.

I was super skeptical but since he was the biggest Batman fan I know I decided I could trust his judgment. I watched the video and OH MY GOD! This movie looks absolutely insane!? Literally who could’ve thought Robert Pattinson could be BATMAN! He pulls it off in the trailer and now I can easily say, “I’m excited to see Robert Pattinson as Batman!”

So here’s a friendly reminder from your boii Chewy telling you to just be a little more open minded because sometimes when you do, an awesome result can come of it!