Welp… I am back at it again! I am not sure why I can’t seem to just be the after picture of a before and after at this point. I feel like I have been dieting and working out since I was 14 and yet nothing sticks. There has got to be some sort of daddy or mommy issues that I have that make me give up when I am almost there! I hit this great point where I am trying so hard and I start making real progress then I just bail, I give up and I break and it’s back to square one. Has this ever happened to you? How do you get past it?! I keep seeing all these Tic-Tock videos talking about how you will fail but you have to keep going. I DO!! I’M BACK! Well this time I am not going to try and take over the world, I am only going to focus on doing my best this month. Its starts with sober September, going back to the gym only 2 times a week and making healthier choices when I can. Ugghh Here we go again! Wonder what will happen this time.

xx Kennedy