What up?!?! It’s your boii Chewy coming at you with another AWESOME installment of the According to Chewy blog! So today we are talking about this one type of snack food that is either LOVED or HATED by everyone across the world! What could that food be? Well if you looked at the title you wouldn’t have to ask because it’s PEEPS! AGH GROSS PEEPS!

Why are we talking about peeps? Well simply because they WON’T BE MAKING THEM THIS YEAR! Shout it from the tops of the mountains around the world that there won’t be any peeps this year! The sugary, marshmallow, gross candies will not be available for Halloween OR Christmas this year! They even think that they won’t even be back until Christmas of 2021!

Now my joy only goes so far because in all honesty it is sad for the people who love the little Pumpkin, Chicken, Ghost, and Heart shaped candies. It’s also sad because they had to stop production but it was for the workers health and safety due to the coronavirus. Now whether you love them or hate them Peeps will be missed because now we have to find a different candy to either love or hate on!