What up?!?! Your boii Chewy here with another awesome installment of the According to Chewy blog!!!!! Let’s get into it!

So our dude, Joe Jonas, has been dying his hair all sorts of colors lately. He died it platinum blonde not too long ago and now he’s decide on a brand new color, pink! Yeah that’s right, Joe decided to dye his hair pink. Now I need to talk about this. I should preface this whole thing with this, I’m colorblind. BUT I really dig the way this looks on Joe! I dyed my hair pink one time too as the picture show, and I think he looks better than I did.

I know what you’re thinking, “Chewy why did you dye your hair?” Well it’s simple, in the 7th grade I lost a bet. So clearly being a man of my word, I did that short term 7 day hair dye and dyed my hair pink. I also in the past have dyed my hair platinum blonde, just like Joe did. I did this in March of 2019 on my 23rd birthday, and again, Joe looks MUCH better than I did.

But that’s not my problem with what’s going on here. What I feel is the issue is I think Joe Jonas is copying me. I had platinum blonde hair, he does platinum blonde hair. I had pink hair, he goes and dyes his hair pink! Do you see what I’m saying here?!?! Maybe I’m just going insane but COME ON! Joe Jonas is copying Chewy, you’ve heard it here first…or read it here first!