What up?!?!?! It’s your boy Chewy coming at you with another installment of the According to Chewy blog this time giving you an update on this crazy storm that just happened!

So last time I talked about the bread and milk. Of course, the most important part of your snow prep when a winter storm is coming in Pennsylvania. I actually wanted to track my usage of the bread and milk to see if it was actually worth it. So to start in the morning I made toast and actually had a glass of milk. This brings me to lunch where I made a sandwich, yet again, using bread. I was surprised that I actually had used bread twice and had used milk. But pretty much that ended my use of it during the snow storm. I can’t see how this was that essential but we will keep it on the essential list.

A second thing I did during the snow storm was try to get an accurate reading on how much snow fell on the ground. Normally I would use a yard stick but considering I don’t have one with me, I had to improvise. I left my old grill outside of my house to measure and let me tell you, it got a pretty accurate reading. It pilled up on top of the lid and didn’t fall off. I was impressed.

The only complaint I have with this snow storm is the person reasonable for plowing my parking lot has yet to come. This poses a pretty big problem considering I’m pretty sure there are 12+ inches on the ground! I will keep you updated when I get out haha! Until then! Stay safe!