What up?!?!!?!?! Your boii Chewy coming at you with this funny installment of the According to Chewy blog post! This one is brought to you by my pain haha! Let’s get into it!

So last night I left my backpack in the car because I brought in a case of water. I forgot to go back out to get my backpack because, well, I got into my house, changed, put slippers on, turned on Netflix and relaxed! So this morning I realized I had to go out and get my back. I also realized something else this morning. I realized that the worst bruises we used to get when we were kids and when we were outside playing on pavement and we would fall getting bruises on the bottom of our palms and knees. Those were the absolute worst, and who would’ve thought at the age of almost 24 I’d be getting those bruises again!

I looked outside and saw that since it’s sunny and warm a lot of the snow and ice was melted. I figured, well I can go outside in my slippers, it’s just wet. HOW WRONG I WAS! I took one step outside and in my head that “OH NO” song from TikTok started playing. I felt that black ice under my feet and I had the longest and funniest fall of all time. It felt like I was falling for minutes! Seriously it took forever to reach the ground. Luckily besides those bruises there weren’t any other injuries and I started laughing immediately.

My neighbor watched the entire thing and from his porch I heard him say “Are you okay bud?” I replied with a simple “yeah!” while laughing and his response was the best, “Okay good, so I don’t have to feel bad laughing at you because that was hilarious!”

Needless to say the bruises hurt almost as bad as when I had to put peroxide on them and it made me feel like a 10 year old kid again! Also word of advice, if it looks like it’s just melted ice, it could be black ice and you could fall like I did! Haha!