The original animated Cinderella released by Disney came out in 1950. Since then, a stage version starring The Sound of Music’s and Mary Poppin’s Julie Andrews was broadcast in 1957 and many stage versions around the world have been performed beyond that. You may also remember Rodgers and Hammerstein made a version starring Brandy, Whitney Houston, and Bernadette Peters in 1997 for television.

More recently, a Broadway version debuted in 2013 along with a National Tour and a Disney live-action movie dropped in 2015 starring Lily James.

Also if we’re getting into the nitty gritty, Disney also created A Cinderella Story with Hilary Duff, Another Cinderella Story with Selena Gomez and several more variations of that Cinderella themed concept.

So do we really need another version of Cinderella? Based off the upcoming teaser starring Camila Cabello and Billy Porter, I’d say YES. This duo is going to be so much fun.


This version of Cinderella will drop on Amazon Prime on September 3rd. Will you watch this version? Comment below!