So are movie theaters making a comeback? Well, not really. You would think that with part of society opening up, folks would want to go back to the theaters. But it appears that streaming still reigns supreme, which is why the dollar amounts have been much lower than normal pre-pandemic.

Despite that, there was a huge opening this past weekend with The Suicide Squad making $26.5 Million in its first week. That makes the film the best R-Rated opening during the pandemic.

Check out the trailer here:


And here are the top five movies from the weekend:

  1. The Suicide Squad, $26.5M
  2. Jungle Cruise, $15.69M
  3. Old, $4.1M
  4. Black Widow, $4M
  5. Stillwater, $2.86M

Which new movie has been your favorite during the pandemic? Comment below!