What up BFam?!?! Your boii Chewy coming at you with yet another AWESOME installment of According to Chewy and this time, this time we are talking about my favorite season, Fall! Let’s get into it!

So its late September, we just had our first Penn State Football Home Game and all I can say is that it is OFFICIALLY Fall in Happy Valley! This is honestly my favorite time of the year for so many reasons. From Football and the amazing Holidays, to the cool weather, the colors, the leaves, and the crisp smells of Fall, it really is the most amazing season of them all.

This morning I stepped outside, took a deep breath and just took in the nature around me. The trees changing, the cool crisp air, and the fresh dew on the grass. I decided instead of my normal routine of making coffee and relaxing I would go for a drive and just look around town. Happy Valley is 100% one of the coolest, if not the coolest, place to experience a Pennsylvania Fall. I first moved here in the Spring of 2019 and got to experience all of Spring and Summer and thought how cool it was to be in an empty college town, meet the awesome locals, and experience life without the school.

Then Fall came and it blew all expectations of the town away. The town just became a quintessential Fall town. From Football, to the trees. From the festivals and fairs to the weather, I fell in love with Happy Valley. This morning brought me back to that morning some two years ago and it just brought one of those weird happy tears to my eyes and it made me so happy to be in one of the coolest places of all…Happy Valley!