Kelly Clarkson is a dang queen!

I’ve personally had the opportunity to see her live twice and she is hands down one of the best live acts I’ve ever seen. Her vocals, personality and stage presence is top notch.

I particularly enjoy her Kellyoke segment on The Kelly Clarkson Show; where she covers songs originally done by other artists. Here are some of the most recent songs she’s covered:


The segment was originally inspired from when she was on tour and fan would request a cover song to sing at the show!

Others enjoy the current segment SO much that she’s now dropping an album of covers! Here is the EP track list:

1. “Blue Bayou” (by Linda Ronstadt)
2. “Call Out My Name” (by The Weeknd)
3. “Happier Than Ever”(by Billie Eilish)
4. “Queen Of The Night”(by Whitney Houston)
5. “Trampoline”(by Shaed)
6. “Fake Plastic Trees”(by Radiohead)

Kelly already dropped the recorded version of Billie Eilish’s Happier Than Ever:


We can expect Kellyoke EP to drop June 9th. Will you be tuning in? Comment below!