I watched this video at least five times because I was so moved by the whole situation.

If you’ve seen the most recent season of the hit Netflix show, Stranger Things, then you know the character Eddie Munson — portrayed by actor Joseph Quinn.

He is a character and actor that fans fell in love with instantly. In fact, he’s SO popular that the London Film & Comic Con overbooked his meet and greets by nearly 400 people! Even with the overbook, he wanted each and every one of his fans to feel special, so he took his time with them.

This made some fans and staff members a little irritable because the process was taking so long. The day after the meet and greets, one of his fans wanted to thank him for being such an amazing person and taking the time to chat with his fans despite the massive overbook.

Here are the fans’ comments and the video of Joseph getting emotional…


I don’t know about you, but I’m even more in love with this guy after seeing this interaction! I can’t wait to see what his future in acting holds. Comment below with your thoughts!