According to Chewy: Game of Thrones Final Episode *MAJOR SPOILERS*

According to Chewy: Game of Thrones Final Episode *MAJOR SPOILERS*

According to Chewy: Game of Thrones Final Episode *MAJOR SPOILERS*

Okay like always let me start off by saying, if you have yet to see the final episode of Game of Thrones, hide behind your Unsullied and fall back to the Iron Throne Room because there are spoilers. I guess this is going to be the last Game of Thrones opinion piece I have so I’m going to make this rant extra special because this final episode……whoa was it a let down! Let us begin!

As a fan of Game of Thrones from the beginning, as a fan of the books, and as a giant conspiracy theory nerd, I did not see the show ending where it ended. I did not see Dany destroying the entire city of King’s Landing. I didn’t see her actually ending up exactly like her father. I didn’t see Jaime going back to his sister. I just didn’t see like any of this. I was in shock. I was angry. I was sad. Yet, I’m somewhat content maybe?

I’m going to talk about Greyworm first. I don’t like him, I never have and last night just furthered my reasoning. His character was supposed to be this big tough leader of the Unsullied with nothing hurting him yet he let his emotions get in the way. Don’t get me wrong if I would have acted on emotions too but killing those innocent Lannister men? That wasn’t cool! AND why would you question Jon Snow? He is the greatest person in the entire show!

Now lets talk about Tyrion. The dude tries talking Jon Snow into killing Dany and then gets all sad when he basically tells him no! What did you expect Tyrion? He is in love with Dany, which is very weird because well…it is his aunt. Jon Snow tries to see the good in everyone and I have no idea how Tyrion didn’t see that Jon would stay loyal, or so we thought!

Jon Snow did exactly what I wanted him to do last night, for the most part. He stayed loyal and told Dany that “you will always be my queen.” before kissing her then STABBING her in the heart! Jon! Not only did you break her heart after she went off on this tangent about how he could rule the world and you didn’t even let her sit on the Iron Throne! You gave her a figurative and literal broken heart! I’ll talk more on Jon in a bit.

So after Jon kills Dany he braces to be burn alive by Drogon but that’s not what happens. Instead Drogon decides to take it upon himself to burn down the throne. BRUH! WHAT? How does a dragon who has never seen the Iron Throne until today know what it symbolizes? Like come on. I get what you’re trying to get at but like WHAT? Then Drogon picks Dany’s body up in his claw and flies away, that is the last we see of her.

Then the show fast forwards a few weeks and there is about to be another war. Greyworm and the Unsullied hold King’s Landing while thousands upon thousands of North Men surround the city ready to fight to free the now captured, Jon Snow. How did the Unsullied even find out Jon killed her. Did he tell them? The writers can’t think Jon Snow is that stupid to walk up to all the Unsullied and Dothraki and basically say “I just killed your queen.” because they would have destroyed him!

We then see Tyrion, as a prisoner of Greyworms’, meeting with the greatest Lords and Ladies in Westeros. Greyworm and Dany’s allies from the Iron Islands and Dorn want Jon dead while the North, the Tullys, the houses in River Run, Knight’s of the Veil, and the Night’s Watch all want him free. Why are all these people meeting? To stop the war to come and to pick a new King or Queen. Who do they pick to lead you might ask? Not Jon, the rightful heir by the way. Not Sansa, not Arya, not Gendry or Robin. THEY PICK BRAN! WHAT? Then Bran basically goes on to tell him that he knew he would be chosen as King and was the only reason he came to King’s Landing with his sisters. Then picks Tyrion as Hand.

What happens with Jon Snow? Does he get killed? No way, Bran wouldn’t let his brother get killed. Does Bran name Jon the king? Nope, Bran doesn’t roll that way, no pun intended. Does he get to be King in the North? Well he does get to go north, very north. They sent him to the Wall to be part of the Night’s Watch. You heard me right! First of all why is there still a wall? The White Walkers are gone and the Wildlings are allied with everyone else. Is it just an excuse to not execute people? I have no idea but really? The only good part in this was Jon was reunited with Giantsbane and guess who, GHOST! That part made me happy because, well, Ghost is awesome!

What happens at the end you might be asking? Well I’ll make it just as exciting as the writers did. Arya sails West to see what is beyond Westeros. The Unsullied sail to Naath, Sansa becomes the Queen in the North, and Jon, it seems, becomes the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch and rides north of the wall with Giantsbane and the remaining Wildlings. That is how the show ends. Them riding off into the woods.

Game of Thrones we deserved better, that is all I can say. We deserved so much better. We stayed loyal, devoted, and patient fans. How long did we wait for this 6 episode final season? Over a year. It was rushed, it was sloppy, and it was lazy. I’m not saying remake the final season, but I’m saying in a year after we have finally had time to digest this all, either make an alternate ending or blow us out of the water with a surprise 9th season. We, as devoted fans, deserve at least that. Keep the writers on too, I don’t care they are Emmy winners. Just give us something a little more.

Final opinion, not a fan of the final episode. Why is Bran the king? Why isn’t Jon the king? Why is there still a wall? Why did they expand on Jon’s backstory and family lineage if they aren’t expanding on it? How is Arya still alive after all those buildings fell on her in the last episode? They just left so many question unanswered. Game of Thrones was my favorite series of all time but it ended just as disappointing as Breaking Bad, Lost, Sons of Anarchy, and Dexter. I hope the reason they left so much unanswered is they give us a continuation! Until the prequel comes out this is my last According to Chewy about GoT! It’s been a ride!


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