According to Chewy: NEW Miley Cyrus Album?!

According to Chewy: NEW Miley Cyrus Album?!

Okay excuse my fangirling for a moment and let’s talk about some hot news that we learned about yesterday, MILEY CYRUS’ NEW ALBUM! She is dropping brand new music on Friday, you heard me, THIS FRIDAY! We are getting some new Miley music. I couldn’t be happier announcing this! Let me say this a third time, NEW MILEY MUSIC THIS FRIDAY! I told you I’d be fangirling a bit.

Let’s backtrack for a second. Yesterday she posted a picture on Instagram claiming that it was the cover to her new album. Not only that, but she also preformed three songs over the weekend from her new album. I didn’t get to hear them but rumor has it, they are all pretty amazing! It has been some time since Miley dropped a new album so I am pretty excited for this.

They Cyrus’ are sort of on top of their game right now though. Noah is making big moves in the industry, Miley is about to drop a new album, and Billy Ray is on top of the world with Lil Nas X and their song Old Town Road. So I have to say they are moving pretty strong and that’s a good indicator that this new Miley music is going to be awesome!


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