Avocado Toast Shoes? [PICTURE]

Avocado Toast Shoes? [PICTURE]

Avocado Toast Shoes? [PICTURE]

I make fun of my generation, the millennial… but we do have one thing going for us that people seem to judge. Avocado toast. Don’t even hate until you try it. My buddy on our sister radio station is in his 40s and is obsessed with it, so I don’t even want to hear about it being a generational thing.

But there is a line.

When you start incorporating food with clothing… then I think the line is crossed.

The shoe company, Saucony decided to mashup shoes with avocado toast and they came up with this:

If this combo interests you, then you can grab a pair at their website for $130.

No thanks, I think I’ll stick to the Payless until they go under.

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