Bruno Mars Wants to Model for Rihanna

Based off the theme of this request, I don’t even need to know the details… my response is just “yes.”

Back in 2017, Rihanna founded her cosmetic and fashion brand, Fentywhich has a variety of skin colored foundations (50!) and also a variety of size options for her fashion line.

Overall, the goal in my eyes is to be super inclusive and I think that’s fantastic!

Singer/Songwriter Bruno Mars must also see the positivity seeping through this brand because he wants to be apart of it… as a model.

But where did this request come from?

I believe you in Bruno…

but you have to take a look at my favorite Twitter response to his request…

At this time Rihanna has not responded to Bruno’s request. Do you think he would be a good model for Fenty? Comment below!