So we are ALL aware that Australia is kind of a crazy place! There’s sharks, spiders, snakes, and basically anything that can seriously injure you by biting, stinging, or well, eating. Well one man by the name of Mark Rapley took the new Apex Predator title away from any scary animal in all of Australia. How did Mark do this you might ask. Well it’s simple. HE BEAT UP A GREAT WHITE SHARK! Now I know this sounds a little farfetched but it’s the truth. Both him and his wife were out surfing when she was suddenly pulled under water. It didn’t take long for Mark to realize his wife was in danger so what does Mark do? He jumps in the water where she was pulled under. He saw that her leg was in the mouth of a Great White Shark, the Champagne of Sharks. Mark tried to get his wife’s leg out but it wasn’t working so he started throwing punches at the shark!?!? Like haymaker after haymaker, he hit it until eventually that shark said “alright bro, this isn’t worth it” and let go of his wife’s leg. His wife recovered with some injuries to her calf and thigh and the rest of Australia is hailing Mark as a hero and in my book an absolute LEGEND! Homeboy went and beat up a shark, not just for fun like some sort of middle school bully but saving his wife’s life! Mark my hat is off to you and that’s why you’re the subject of today’s According to Chewy! Peace!