WHATS UP CHEW CREW? Ya Boii Chewy here to bring you yet ANOTHER rant, this time about our guy Elon Musk.

Now we all know Elon Musk right? He owns Tesla, founder of Paypal and SpaceX and now he wants to own Mars, well kinda. Elon is trying to populate Mars and he’s trying to do it as soon as possible. I know what you’re asking, “Chewy how long is soon?” Well he wants to get 1,000,000 people on Mars in the next 9 years by sending three spaceships up per day with 100 passengers. Now I’m sitting here probably like you are just absolutely confused with so many questions. Questions like “What are they going to do there?” and “Where are they going to live?” I’m absolutely lost but you know who isn’t? Elon Musk!

He wants to start colonizing as soon as he gets the go-ahead from the international community. Now all I’m trying to say is that if he build a nice luxury hotel, with a nice pool, and maybe a killer buffet I’d love to sit back with an ice cold drink just watching the Earth spin! Now that sounds pretty awesome right?