Leave Taylor alone!!

Taylor Swift is hot off the presses with her new album Folklore and winning at the MTV Music Video awards… but now she has a lawsuit to worry about. AGAIN.

In 2014, Swift was sued over her song Shake It Off, with songwriter Jesse Braham claiming it sounded similar to his song Haters Gonna Hate.

Later the lawsuit was dismissed, but that doesn’t mean Taylor is done with the haters.

Fast forward to today…songwriters Sean Hall and Nathan Butler are claiming Tay’s same song sounds preeeeetttyy similar to a song they wrote for the girl group 3LW called Playas Gon’ Play.

Check out the comparison here:

:41 Seconds in


:43 Seconds in


Taylor and her team must respond by September 21st… so there’s still time. Do you think the songwriters have a case? Comment below!