All you have to do is check your voter registration! …Are you registered to vote?

If you’re unsure, CLICK HERE to check. By doing this, you will get entered to win HUGE prizes from HUGE celebrities.

This is all through the company Global Citizen with their Just Vote Campaign.

So I decided to go through the process just to see how easy it was. I literally plugged in my name and address and within seconds the website told me if I am registered or not (spoiler: I am). The next page shows information about voting in my state (Pennsylvania) and how to vote; whether it be in person or via the mail.

Now finally… how do we win celebrity prizes?!

Make sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page and check your voter registration again under the celeb prize you want! Easy peasy!

You could win:


I do want to note that you do NOT have to be registered to vote to enter for the prizes – you just have to CHECK if you are or not.

Do ittttt >>>

Which prizes are you hoping to win? Comment below!