What the hell is happening in boxing?

First, Mike Tyson announced his “Legends Only League” with a comeback fight against Roy Jones Jr. Tyson has been posting training video after training video¬†. Tyson is 54 and Roy Jones is 51. There is some concern about them fighting due to their age, but the two are going to clash on November 28th.

If that wasn’t enough it was just announced that Floyd Mayweather, arguably the best boxer of all time is going to fight an unlikely opponent: Logan Paul. Yes, Logan Paul. The I-gave-cpr-to-a-fish guy. The youtube star. Fighting against the boxer that has a 50-0 flawless record. Yeah Mayweather is 43 and Logan Paul is 25, but that isn’t stopping celebrities “praying” for Logan.

I am both excited and confused. But that’s par for the course with 2020. So, yeah. Boxing has a case of the 2020s.