Well 2020 seems to be giving us a lot of lemons and for some more than others, this hit me pretty hard this past week when I apparently didn’t get enough sleep and I yawned and dislocated my jaw!! HOW THE HELL IS THIS MY LUCK!? As I ran to see Angela like she was my mother in a panic, my mouth stuck open unable to properly talk, trying to get the words out “It’s STUCK!” So in a panic I rush home and text my mother (who lives 2 hours away) to come help me… talk about an adult baby! I AM 38!! What the hell is wrong with me.. actually, don’t answer that. Anyway my saint of a mother ended up leaving work and coming to stay with me for a few days and take me to all of my doctor appointments, then it happened.  The doctor said, “Look Kennedy, you aren’t going to get any better yapping all the time… so its time for a break, NO TALKING FOR A WEEK!” If my jaw was physically able to drop I am sure that it would have.  Let me tell you something, when I was (sung) ALLLL BY MYYYSEEELLLLLFFFF over the the lockdown I was ok! I talked to my plants, the my teddy bear, the wall.. you know the norm, but being in solitude and silent? What kind of torture is that? I will tell you what, it got dark. Like multiple empty bowls of soup on the floor, melted and empty ice cream containers, all of the empty cans of sparkling water everywhere.. I inhaled all that I could. It was a dark time. Anything to make my mouth feel like it HAD A PURPOUSE ONCE AGAIN!!! Ok I know I’m being dramatic, but I mean it is me..  ANYWAY, a week came and went, I watched every show there was on Netflix till reruns looked appealing and it was absolute torture, but, FINALLY I am able to talk once again. Great for me, maybe not so great for others… Either way I’m back and let’s just say I will be making sure that I am getting enough sleep from here on out, I mean, a world without me talking!!?? I dare say that would be the the topper of 2020 AHAAHHH

xx Kennedy