Stains on Your Clothes is now "In"... ?

Just the other day I gathered up a few of my outfits that have stains on them, and I felt like it was time to use elbow grease to try and get them out! I was successful with some… but unfortunately some had to meet the trash can.

However, next time I reach this dilemma, I may not need to throw out my stained clothes and we can thank the brand Gucci for that!

Gucci just released a new “eco washed organic denim overall” that comes with its own GRASS STAINS:

And of course a lot of people are not happy about the new style… and one of the reasons is the price.

These overalls run $14,000!!! What??? Yeah I’m mad too haha

Would you ever pay this much for dirty overalls? How about an outfit in general? lol Comment below!